COVID-19: Naturopath musings

3 May 2020

Rupi Kaur COVID-19 Naturopathic musings

Food for thought…

There are some stellar perspectives on the impacts of COVID-19. Below, naturopath musings, selected like the bower bird I am…

The Lancet’s latest editorial, COVID-19: remaking the social contract, is a concise, thought provoking read:

“…it has taken a crisis of this scale to force the recognition that the basic role of a government is to serve and protect its people—that wellbeing has a higher value than gross domestic product.

…The kind of societies that are set to emerge from this pandemic is far from clear, but our interconnectedness and interdependence at local, national, and global levels have never been more undeniable. …A renewed and expanded social contract, one with health at the centre, could well be one legacy of COVID-19.”

The coronavirus has highlighted the way we regard the elderly and it’s worth deep examination:

On a positive, ‘Hotels with Heart’ is a pilot program to protect some of the most vulnerable members of the Western Australian community – the homeless from the impacts of COVID-19. The program participants, known as ‘community VIPs’ are unable to self-isolate and many have chronic health issues so the aim is to keep people safe and out of hospital. The new service model could be scaled up to support vulnerable people if the pilot is successful.

Researchers from The University of Queensland and the CSIRO have successfully demonstrated the presence of SARS-CoV2, the virus which leads to the disease COVID-19, in Australian untreated wastewater (sewage) – a fascinating way to survey disease prevalence in the community:

Mental health support:

Rupi Kaur Poetry:

Brene Brown is known to many but if by chance you’ve missed her TED talks, you can find them here: Netflix has a documentary Brene Brown: The Call to Courage:  She’s also launched a podcast: Unlocking Us. Tune in here:

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