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15 December 2015

The importance of cooking Jamie Oliver Perth

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen is heading to Perth for the first time, in a three year partnership with Edith Cowan University. Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a community-focused program that aims to inspire people to get back to basics in the kitchen. By teaching people to cook with fresh ingredients and equipping them with simple skills and knowledge, the program empowers change in the way families eat and think about food.

Cooking gives you an education. It allows you to make better decisions about the pre-prepared food you rely on. Every time you buy take-away you deprive yourself of an opportunity to learn to how to cook…and the more you rely on it, the more you deskill yourself. Knowing how to cook from scratch can have an extremely beneficial effect on long-term eating habits and therefore long-term health.

Key findings from a longitudinal evaluation of Oliver’s program by Deakin University and The University of Melbourne found there was: an increase in participants’ confidence and self-esteem; the gaining of new cooking skills and an increase in food knowledge.  Behaviour changed in relation to the frequency of cooking more meals from scratch at home. There was a positive shift in elements of participants’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and enjoyment of cooking and healthy eating.

A dedicated food trainer takes you through each Jamie Oliver recipe as you cook it, sharing useful hints, tips and short cuts to make it easier to cook at home. You get to see, smell, feel and taste everything that you cook…. and at the end of the class you all eat the meal you cooked together and take home 2 more serves to share with family or friends or save for a busy day.

Its first stop is at ECU’s Joondalup Campus with classes starting from March 2016 and additional locations to be announced. Classes cost $20 per session, $15 for student cardholders and $10 for concession. Jamie’s Ministry of Food welcomes participants of all skill levels aged 12+. Each class runs for 90 minutes at the same time each week for 7 weeks.

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“Is there any practice less selfish, any labour less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for people you love?” Michael Pollan, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

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