Persistent Organic Pollutants in backyard eggs Perth

29 September 2015

Eggs and POPs

Backyard eggs and persistent organic pollutants

In response to Persistent organic pollutants, obesity and breast cancer

“I just read your article on POPs. You probably already know, but when we got chickens, we had the eggs tested and they had 3x the safe level of dieldrin in them, so we can’t eat the yolks of the eggs. I was worried that it may be a similar problem with avocados from our tree, given the high fat content, but the Ag dept was really helpful and said their tests in canola showed these organochlorides did not move through plant tissues. Many people think that backyard eggs are healthier, but in old suburbs there were lots of chemicals used in the 50s for termites and Argentine ants, esp around the fence lines. These chemicals are not water soluble so are not washed away by rain, and have a half life of 50 years! The test was just over $100, but worth it…

The Ag  Dept advice was to destroy the chickens and replace the top 30 cm of soil, which we couldn’t do. They are still great recyclers and we have lots of egg white omelette recipes (& throw the yolks away).”

Want to know more?

You can download the Government of Western Australia Department of Health guide to Organochlorine pesticide residues in home garden soils:

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